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Vue arérienne du Domaine de Cantalauze
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The Domain of Cantalauze

Located near Carcassonne, in the south of France,the domain of cantalauzeit's the story of an adventure that started in 2015.


After several years spent in the commercial sector, he is a realcutheart from the first visit and the following year the realization. I have been learning in the field for 7 years now to transform my terroir into wines. Making wine is harvesting grapes to put them in vats. But it is also necessary to "raise" these grapes throughout a year by different stages.


It is all this simplicity and this complexity that I want you to find in my products and I hope that they will give as much pleasure to drink as what I had to develop them.

See you very soon on our lands..

signature thomas SANANES
Thomas SANANES vigneron du domaine de Cantalauze
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Arnaud, 4-stroke brewery

O de Cantalauze White


It is a well worked wine, its freshness and its acidity are very present.


  It goes very well both as an aperitif and with seafood. 


I offer it à la carte, especially for the dish “Mollusque et Cuttlefish” which consists of  caramelized rice, shellfish and pesto.  


Laura, Facebook

Superb experience! More than a tasting, we are told the history of the wines. A tale  for our palates! Superb wines, a magnificent estate. To discover without any hesitation close to Carcassonne.

Femme blonde souriante

Jennifer, AirBnb

The Cantalauze estate is magnificent, and very well located near Trèbes.


The house and the dovecote are very well equipped, very spacious and clean. We had a great stay, this rental is perfect for large groups, spacious enough to have privacy and with large common areas for everyone to meet.


Thomas gave us a warm welcome, we hope to return very soon.

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